Behrman Communications is a forward-thinking public relations firm that specializes in brand building.

Founded by Nancy Behrman, a pioneer in the world of beauty and lifestyle brand publicity, Behrman Communications’ philosophy has always been simple: successful brand building is founded upon strong, collaborative and meaningful relationships with the media, influencers, and retailers. These synergistic relationships are at the core of the agency’s accomplishments.

Widely recognized as a firm of creative and strategic thinkers, Behrman Communications has gained a reputation for taking small ideas and turning them into multi-million dollar ventures. The agency’s first client, Kiehl’s Since 1851, is a stellar case study on how an innovative public relations campaign can elevate an insider secret into an international beauty leader. Since then, Behrman Communications has become the industry authority on brand building. Its’ current and former client roster—spanning beauty, health, wellness, and lifestyle—includes an array of cult-classic companies that the world loves and depends on.